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Which is?

The word pilonidal means "fur nest", the pilonidal cyst is a cyst derived from hair-producing cells.

Why does it arise?

Although controversial, the probable origin of the pilonidal cyst comes from increased pressure in the intergluteal region associated with the existence of hair at the site.

fatores de risco.png
Risk factors

. Existence of hair in the intergluteal region

.Sedentary lifestyle (sitting for a long time)

.Obesity (due to increased local pressure)

.Occupational risk (sitting for a long time)


How does it appear on the patient?

.Asymptomatic cysts

.Abscess in the region

.chronic cutaneous fistula

.Complex fistulizing disease

 (Click on the image to know each form of the disease)

Tips to prevent inflammation

Several measures can be taken to try to prevent inflammation of the cyst, but the disease is unpredictable and can strike at any time.Try to follow these tips to avoid complications, but always have medical supervision:

1 .Hair removal á laser da region- controversial (see our post about on our blog)

two.Avoid sitting for a long time- try to get up every hour.

3.Wear loose clothes- avoid pressure in the region

4.Weight loss- the relationship of obesity with hormonal imbalance as well as increased pressure in the region increases the chance of complications.

5.Quit smoking- despite not having a direct relationship with the cyst, cigarettes increase inflammatory activity throughout the body, which may increase the chance of disease activity.

6.Keep area clean and dry- especially if your disease has an associated fistula, excess moisture and dirt in the region can lead to infection

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