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Infection e Cyst Inflammation

Due to the location being subject to several traumas and being colonized by bacteria, the pilonidal cyst can cause:

 -Pain on the spot



 -pus leak


What to do in these cases?

Always in these situations, an urgent evaluation by a surgeon is important to assess the need for drainage and/or antibiotics.

If the cyst infection does not resolve with spontaneous drainage (leakage of pus) complications can be catastrophic, such as the famousFurnier syndrome(I don't recommend looking at photos on google)

Doctor, I don't have access to a doctor

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to doctors, especially surgeons in these urgent situations. Some guidelines can help you get better from the crisis:

1.Massage and drainage in the region- the more pus comes out the better.

two.Make alternating warm and cold water compresses- this will reduce inflammation

3.Avoid closing the wound for too long - remember, the pus that comes out is better than what stays inside the wound, so the dressing should be changed periodically, don't wait for it to soak.

4.Avoid overuse of painkillers and anti-inflammatories- Pain is your friend, if it is getting worse it is a sign of complication, seek the nearest health center, even if it costs you a trip.

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Suspect it needs drainage

One of the main signs that your cyst isn't getting better is when the swelling, redness, and pain only get worse, especially if a fever sets in!

These are indicative that the pus is spreading and not coming out, in this situation do your best to see a doctor yesterday!

Can I remove the cyst right now?

Unfortunately not.


At this point your cyst is much larger than normal due to infection e inflammation, so the area needed to remove this cyst would be much larger than what is actually needed, making healing worse and the chance of healing the smaller cyst.

There is no ideal date for the removal surgery, however, it is certainly not when he is infected.

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